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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

My family celebrates Christmas with friends and relatives every year. We had an Australian friend who was our Santa Claus. The kids loved him for he brought presents to them. Instead of riding his reindeer sledge and coming from the sky, he came down from upstairs carrying a heavy load of presents for everyone. After Santa Claus had settled comfortably on a chair, he dipped his hand into the bag to fish out a  present. Everybody was looking at him anxiously hoping his/her name would be the first to be called. When a name was announced there was acclamations and cheers. The person went promptly to Santa to claim the present. In the end, each of us got about half a dozen presents but the kids got more.

Next it was time for Christmas carol. We had a pianist to provide the music. Song sheets were distributed and the singing began. After singing until our voice hoarse it was time for dinner. We had an arrary of Christmas food such as roast turkey, honey baked ham, baked salmon etc.

Tomorrow is Christmas day. We shall be going to church for Christmas service and Christmas celebration with the family. The Aussie Santa Claus had gone home and we shall have a new Santa Claus.


Thimbuktu said...

Merry Christmas 2011, Philip.

What a creative idea for this blog!

A modern-day Santa Claus to keep the tradition of Christmas from the staircase instead of the chimney with presents and blessings, love, and peace to everyone this Christmas.


PChew said...

Merry Christmas James. We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. Our new Santa Claus brought lots of presens. It's another occasion for family get together to celebrate the birth of our Saviour. More in my Facebook.