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Friday, September 25, 2009

Teaser 7

The handsome guy above was a famous actor and an icon in Hollywood. He acted many black and white movies before the war. He became famous only after the war. The above picture was taken from his 1933 movie. Most of you out there have seen his movies. Who is he?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Handkerchief (saputangan in Malay)

As a decorative accessory for a suit pocket
He still carries a handkerchief
Photo with his permission

Man carried a handkerchief in his pocket and a lady had one in her handbag. That was some time ago. Handkerchief is made of materials such as cotton, silk, linen or synthetic fabric. Man's handkerchief is 18 inches square and is either plain or with printed designs. A lady's handkerchief is smaller and is plain, lace or with embrodery. Handkerchief has brand and the most popular was Pyramid brand a product of Tootle.

A handkerchief was commonly used to wipe the face or blow the nose. When a person got a cold and sneezed continously his handkerchief would be soaking wet and was most unhygienic.
It was also used for the following purposes:
1 To wipe away sweats or drops of tears.
2 As a decorative accessory in a suit pocket.
3 To chope (reserve) seat in a cinema by tying it on the seat handle
4 Waving a handkerchief to bade farewell or good-bye
5 Waving a white handkerchief as an indication to surrender.
6 As a tourniquet for the wounded and others

I used a handkerchief until the second half of 1970. Initially I felt awkward to change to paper handkerchief or tissues. After some time I got used to it. Now I carry packet tissues in my pocket. An 80 year old friend still carries a handkerchief in his pocket as in the picture above.

Superstitious Chinese do not give handkerchief as a gift to a friend or relative. It means good-bye, farewell or parting forever.

There is a very popular Indonesian love song called 'Saputangan' or handkerchief. Elderly Peranakans love to sing it. Click here to listen.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teaser 6

Do you recognise this Tootal product? Guess what is inside the box. Many surely knows the answer. So, there is no clue. I shall be blogging about this article after this.