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Monday, September 17, 2012

Moon Cakes

This year's Mooncake Festival reminded me of an article in the Straits Times Wednesday 20 September 2010 heading "Bribery? It's a piece of mooncake". Packaging inside the mooncake boxes could be found gold bars, expensive watches and jewelleries. It was also an excuse to build business relationship to gain favours between business associates. The bottom line is corruption.

In Singaopore the traditional mooncake came in a box of 4 mooncakes. Then the mooncakes started to have different colours and flavours such as green (pandan), purple (yam), orange and white. Still, the contents inside were green been paste with one/two egg yolks or no egg yolk at all.

In 2012 the world economy is not doing very well and the mooncake packaging has gone back to basic. It would be interesting to see the return of inovative packaging like in 2010.

                     Lady handbags

  Jewellery box mooncakes

     Double mooncake box

 Drawer box mooncakes