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Monday, March 18, 2013

Old Fashioned Swing

Our National Parks marks 50 years of greening as shown in the above article in today's Straits Times. It stated that the playground evokes memories of the '70s and '80s ....the feeling of playing in the parks as children.  While reading the article the time machine transported me to the late '60s.

I had this old fashioned swing installed at my in-laws home at Nullar Road for my 4 children to play. My family did not live there. But, everymorning  I drove my kids there for my in-laws to look after them. The swing was quite safe for the kids to play and my family of six could squeezed into seats with 3 on each side. It is a joy playing with your own kids and laughing together. If only time could stand still. How time has passed. My little girl on the swing is now 50 plus.

Looking at the photos now I have second opinion about kids' safety playing at the old fashioned swing. Instead of sitting they were performng stunts. An accident could happen if any of them missed their grip on the steel bar. Picture shows my son Chris on the left. Next to him on the right is my nephew Peter. My daughter Anita is behind them . I cannot believe this. In the '60s Peter was a kid playing with my childen. Now he is a retiree.

                                Happy time playing at the old fashioned swing