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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bond With My Family

My family

Recently I was interviewed by DadsforLife. It is a national fathers movement that seeks to inspire and involve all Dads to play a more active roll in their children's lives for life.

I personally encourage bonding between a father and his children especially when the kids are young. Once the children is in the upper secondary school it is very hard for a father to connect with them for they prefer to be with their friends. This is my observations between fathers and their children.
I was brought up by my grand mother from a kid to an adult. My parents visited me occasionally. Therefore I missed them. When I got married and have children of my own, I make it point to stay connected with them. I played with my kids very often when they were young. Now that they have children of their own, they still remembered "the elephant game" we played together. The lyrics:
"One elephant began to dance up on a spider web one day. It was such enormous fun that he called for another elephant to come. Two elephants began to dance up on a spider web one day. The lyrics repeated until five elephants dancing as I have four kids plus myself made five. When 2 of my children studied overseas I wrote to them regularly. Even now I continue to bond with my children and grand children whether they are living here in Singapore or overseas. As a father or a grandfather, we can also passed down our good family values to them. You can read DadsforLife interview with me at the website below.


Lam Chun See said...

Yes. It is very important for fathers to play with their children. That's a role I gladly played and my wife had not objections. We sometimes played badminton in the road in front of our house. We often bring them to the park on weekends where they would cycle and I jog. Sometimse we played hide and seek, frisby and other stuff. When my son was small, I often wrestled with him.

PChew said...
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PChew said...

I also played badminton with my grand kids on the road outside their house, cycled around the neighbourhood and sometimes played chess with them.

professor said...

I agree with you Philip. The close bond between infant and probably 12 is important but more so up to 6/7 years.

I believe the keyword is "play". Through "play" you develop a team spirit, problem-resolution, trust, extrovert character and open-mindedness.

If I had daughters, it will still be the same routine.

yg said...

my bond with my two daughters is very strong because i spent a lot of time with them during their growing up years.
now that they are grown up and in australia, we are in touch every day. either i call them or they call me on skype. before the advent of skype, i used the telephone. many of my friends found it hard to believe that i called them on the phone daily.

PChew said...

yg, besides phone calls you also visited your 2 daughters in Australia.

Thimbuktu said...

I shared my sentiments of fellow blogger friends as growing up Dad.

Once in awhile, looking at this "Loving moments with my kids blog brings me smiles.