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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Be Prepared

32nd Raffles Group

Livingstone Patrol
Raffles Institiution had two scout groups, the 2nd Scout Group and the 32nd Scout Group. I joined the latter as I had class mates there. Being a new recruit, I was known as a tenderfoot. I took the Scout Oath:

"On my honour, I promise to do my best
to do my duty to God and the Queen (under the British rule your allegiance was to the Queen)
to help other people at all times and
to obey the scout law."

I was in the Livingstone Patrol. At the first meeting, I noticed there were seven of us and three of them were my classmates. They joined the year before and had 2 badges each. The leader, Ong Teng Hong had many badges stiched onto his left sleeve. One of them was a Queen's Scout Badge, the highest award achievable in the scout movement. He was very friendly, unassuming and jovial. I enjoyed his leadership and company. I was taught some scout crafts to pass the Tender Foot test. This was the first obstacle before going for the Second class, First class and other badge


Ivan Chew said...

Looks like we share more than one thing, Philip, apart from having the same great-grandfather. I was a scout too. During my Primary school days. My school was in Ang Mo Kio but the scout group I belonged to was Bukit Panjang District Six, I think. But I didn't continue after P6. Oh, I noticed the scouts in your photos had very cool looking hats. My time we had jockey caps. I remember hating how I looked in those caps. But I enjoyed the camps and campfires.

PChew said...

In primary school, were you known as cub, junior scout or scout? During my time there was a distinction according to age. Why didn't you continue as there were so much fun and adventures in secondary school. As the saying goes "once a scout, always a scout".

Julya Lim said...

Are you really 72 years young? Wow! I love these photos! I hope to hear many more stories, I'll be back from more!

PChew said...

Yes, I am 72 going to 73 next month. Age doesn't matter so long as my heart is always young. Thanks for your visit.