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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool

Is this the face of a fool you see?
Face is the fool of none but thee!
And if this joke for harm you take
Pardon me for April's sake.

Every year in school, we played April Fool jokes on one another. It's only once a year and I laughed at others who fell victims. Sometimes, I got tricked too. I like the above four lines which was sent to me by a friend from Klang, Malaysia.


weirdz said...

Hi Phillip! I'm studying in university now and i've realised that as we get older, April Fool's is'nt really fun in school anymore. I even forgot the !st of Febrary was April Fool's!! Guess no one gets a kick out of playing pranks as we get older.
Thanks for telling us about your golden years, btw. I think that using this modern mode of expression is a great way of chronicling all one's past experiences. Cheers!

PChew said...

Hi weirdz
Thanks for passing by.