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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Peninsula Evangelical Free Church

The Church

Peninsula Evengelical Free Church had its first official service on Sunday October 11 1987 at the Crystal Ballroom, Peninsula Hotel. Our church had a humble beginning. It started without a Pastor. Preaching of God’s words were given by guests speakers each Sunday. Nevertheless, the church grew and the Crystall Ballroom was filled to capacity. I remembered the back partitioned wall was moved backwards to make space for the worshippers. In 1988 a young couple got married at the church. 

In February 1989, God sent Pastor Ong Seow Heng to shepherd His sheep. The congregation welcomed him and gave him much encouragement. The elders and deacons worked closely with him. In his own words “…………my ministry is strengthened by this group of dedicated and committed people God has given me to work alongside with.” 

Pastor Ong Seow Heng

After the church service we had fellowships outside the sanctuary. There were coffee, tea and cakes for all. There were  many baptisms including my family.

 Crystal Ballroom Peninsula Hotel

On August 5 1990 the church moved to Ebenezer Chapel at Dempsy Hill (39C Harding Road). It was an old chapel with wide open space outside the building. I liked the fresh air with plenty of greenery. There was a church wedding in 1991.

The church building is on the left background

                           Ebenezer Chapel
                            Photo credit to

The church next home was the Methodist Girls School auditorium at Upper Bukit Timah Road. It was a quiet place on Sunday with ample parking lots and a canteen with large refreshment area for fellowships, discussions and other activities. I remembered a young couple from China who came to our church got married there. Alice Rogers, Magdelene Ng, Katherine Cox and many others helped them to make their marriage a memorable one. There were flower arrangements, buntings, decorations, buffet lunch etc. Soon after they left for US to further their studies.

School canteen

East Care Group 

The church had four cell groups in different part of the island. I was in the East Care Group (ECG). Majority of our members lived in the east with a few exception. We met regularly for bible studies and was very close  to each other. Two young mothers got their first born child and experienced mother went to assist.  ECG organised their own retreat in Malaysia in addition to our church camp.

Here are some pictures of the church camp as well as ECG retreat in Malaysia.

                             Church Camp

 Genting View Resort 1994

Meleka Park Plaza Resort 1995

Fraser's Hill 1996

East Care Group Retreat

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Johor

Century Mahkota Resort Malacca

One of the church's memorable event was Easter Sunrise Service and pot luck at East Coast Park. Having church service in the open air and by the sea was a blessing. Many believers got their baptism by immersion. Every year we looked forward to Easter. All good things never last forever. The authority stopped giving permits for such gathering. 

Easter Sunrise Service on Good Friday 24 March 1989

East Coast Park

Christmas Eve
Another memorable event was celebrating Christmas eve at the American International School. We sang Christmas hymns followed by skits depicting the  birth of Christ  from the children.

Christmas dinner was catered by the school chef. We had traditional roast turkey with chestnut stuffing, honey baked ham, cranberry sauce, log cakes and many more yummy items.

                                 Christmas eve bulletin cover 

Worship bullutin for Christmas eve

Christmas Eve Celebration 1990

American School at King's Road

Above pictures were taken more than 20 years ago. Small boys and girls then are now young adults. Tony and Lay were not married during PEFC early days. Now they are grand-parents. Time and tide wait for no man.

Hope you enjoy the PEFC story.

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