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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toys that we played

In the past children in Singapore made their own toys to play. It can be played individually or with friends. Not long ago I came across a plastic toy held by a little girl in a shopping area. She reminded me of similar toy made of tins. As one pushed the wheels forward, the toy in the shape of a bird or butterly flapped its wings up and down. Picture above shows the girl pushing a plastic bird toy.

Another toy is walking on empty tin containers like stilt walking. It can be empty milk tins or cigarette tins. Method: Used a nail to knock a hole in the center of the tin. Put a string through the hole and tied a knot bigger than the hole to prevent it from slipping through the hole. Hold the other end with your hand. Do the same with the other empty tin. Then stand of the empty tins, one with each foot. Pull both string tight so that the tins  hold onto your feet as you walk forward as shown in the picture. Usually the kids challenged one another to see who could walk the farthest with the empty tins.

I am sure many of you can relate to the above.

                        The man is teaching the boy on how to walk on the empty cans

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