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Friday, January 14, 2011

Why House Galle, Sri Lanka

On 1st Jan 2011 we began our new year in the air on our way to Sri Lanka. We went there with another family. At Colombo International Airport a band of musicians and dancers welcomed our arrival. We were garlanded on the way out. Our destination, Why House Resort was about 125 km away. There we were welcomed by the resort staff and garlanded another time.

At Colombo International Airport

At Why House Resort, Galle

Why House Resort has 3 acres of luxurious tropical garden with 3 different accommodations. The main house has internet access and a large airy living room in the center with a luxurious veranda. There are 2 cabanas for single person and 2 double bedrooms with separate entrace. All has private porch, air conditioning, satellite TV and a mini bar. There is also a salt water swimming pool.

Main house

Two double bedrooms with own entrance each

Cabanas for single person

We booked the whole resort for 8 days. Our group had only 10 people although the resort could accommodate 16 including children.

We swam at the pool or sat by the pool side reading story books. We played crickets with the resort staff. There was no badminton court. A net tied between 2 coconut trees was good enough for the purpose. The children enjoyed the game. At night after dinner we sat around a table at the airy and luxurious veranda to plan for the next day's meals and outings over glasses of red and white wines.

Pool activities

Cheers to tomorrow's outings


There was no set menu. It was up to us to decide what food we wanted to eat for each day.
Breakfast - we had fruit juices and fresh fruits followed by ah pong, thosai, Sri Lankan omelets and curry. We also had western breakfast of bread toast, jam, honey, butter, ham, bacon and eggs.
Lunch - main course was either chicken, pork or beef in Sri Lankan curry.
Dinner - main course was seafood such as crabs, prawns, lobsters, squids, fish and vegetables curry


Grilled mullet fish

Curry crabs

Steamed crabs

Sri Lankan dishes

Cheers to the chef and his yummy food!



The resort has many fruit trees - coconut trees, jack fruit trees, banana plants and others. There were many birds of different species, lizards and squirrels too. I saw them every morning. They were used to guests there and I could move quite close to them to take pictures.
Why House Resort is the perfect hideaway for everyone who wants to relax in style away from the main stream tourist centers. It is a place for peace and tranquillity.
To be continued

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