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Friday, August 21, 2009

Teaser 5

Above is a map of mid 1950. The road name has been erased so as
not to give away the location.

Where is the New City Theatre located?

1 The building is no longer a theatre now.
2 The area has been transformed beyond recognition now.
3 More than one blogger has posted about this place.

In 1963 development of the area district centre was started by the Housing & Development Board. It had a few apartment blocks, shops and a market cum hawker centre. However the building that housed New City Theatre was not affected. The movie house changed its name twice. The building is still standing today but has changed trade.
Laokokok has blocked on this particular place including the theatre. Click here if you want to know the answer.


professor said...

Between present-day Geylang Serai and Jalan Ubi - now Singapura Cinema.

Dan said...


It was located at Paya Lebar Way.


yg said...

i thought you told lkk its earlier nam was taj. so, it earliest name was new city.

PChew said...

I knew Taj was not the original name but I could not remember the name New City. Even Taj I wasn't sure until I saw the picture in the book 'Geylang Serai' and informed LKK. Recently, I came across Geylang Serai 1954 map that showed New City Theatre which helped me to remember.