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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chinese New Year Cards

A Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year To All Viewers

This card was specially created for a Vietnamese couple

Yesterday I went to Chinatown and saw a lot of interesting and fanciful Chinese New Year cards on sale. They were in all shapes and sizes, and very colourful too. Still, I prefer the personalised new year cards that I made myself as shown above.

During my school days in early 1950, a photo studio along Upper East Coast Road was offering black and white Chinese New Year cards with your photo on them. There was no colour photo then. The greeting cards had different sceneries of spring time and new year greetings. Minimum order was at least half a dozen cards. I forgot the price.


Lam Chun See said...

Wow. You still have your CNY cards from so long ago! Amazing. Did you have pen pals. At that time we used to have such pastime.

PChew said...

Pen pals? Watch out for my next posting.

yg said...

good for you, mr chew, still wishing your friends the traditional way. i have stopped sending cards because i was not consistent in doing it; some years i remembered but some years i forgot. these days, i send greetings via sms r email.