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Monday, July 21, 2008

4th of July

4th of July family dinner celebration at the back garden.

Displayed of fireworks fronting home

American Day of lndependance celebrated in a grand fashion in big cities in US as seen in the TV. There were long parades and floats with music and celebrities, and thousands of people gathered on both sides of the road to give cheers and applauses. My experience in an American suburb was different. The day before the celebration we drove in the neighbourhood and discovered a parade route. Residents reserved places with chairs fronting their homes on both sides of the road to watch the parade. I did not see the parades as it was held in the morning and everybody in the house got up late. However, we had a family dinner to celebrate the 4th of July as shown in the photo. In summer at 7.30 pm it was still daylight. Earlier on, my son bought about US$100 worth of fireworks from a stall at a mall's carpark for the celebration at night. Where we lived very few families participated in the fireworks, except those with children. Neighbours not taking part came out to watch the fireworks and chat. We had a friend living in Anaheim, just behind Disneyland. After finishing our fireworks we drove there to watch the fireworks from Disneyland. The fireworks is comparable to what we had in Singapore during the National Day display. It was very colourful and brilliant with many different formations. It started at about 9.30 pm just before closing time. We watched for about 10 minutes and was invited to the house for supper. That ended my experience with the 4th of July celebration in America.

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